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Caniroa Dog Centre Training and Boarding Kennels

Welcome to Caniroa Dog Centre Training and Boarding Kennels in Cartaxo. Although our base is at  Quinta da Lagoa, Cartaxo, we still cover several areas including Lisbon, Oeiras, Cartaxo, Santarém. We also welcome dogs from other parts of the country, but we can only transport them to Lisbon, Oeiras, Cartaxo and Santarém.

Caniroa Dog Centre Training and Boarding Kennels

We have been in business for over 35 years, and we specialize in the art of dog training and boarding Kennels in a responsible, respectful and fun way. We were therefore able to create, develop and innovate various techniques and procedures that have greatly helped dogs and owners.
Due to the need to expand our services, we purchased Quinta Lagoa and came to Cartaxo from Cascais. This way we can provide better services to dogs and their owners. At Quinta da Lagoa, we have the space and conditions to develop  Caniroa Dog Boarding Kennels and Caniroa Dog Training Center with large areas for your dog to run in.

We are known for the high levels of work that a Dog Training center and boarding kennel requires. We also allow more exercise, play time and fresh air without charging extra for it.

Therefore, we always follow our motto, where dogs are our customers and come first, so we can then help the owners.

Caniroa Dog Centre Training and Boarding Kennels . Work, training, exercise and a lot of fun

We work professionally, making a difference from the outset, giving support and advice to dog owners. For dogs to have the best conditions, we like to do more with the dogs we have both in training or boarding, constantly improving our methods. We were the first to offer a variety of different services to help dog owners and save them money. Because we want to and can offer high quality technical and logistics services at controlled prices. For example, the price of the stay is the same all year round and has not been increased for over 15 years!!! Some people make fun of us, laugh and call us fools…. The answer is always the same, 35 years later we are still here, doing our best to maintain the confidence of the owners and the happiness of the dogs.

CaniroaCruiser Dog Transport – Lisbon, Oeiras, Cartaxo,

We could offer high prices for make-do and invented services, which we never do just for the sake of it . Because for us dog welfare is first and we invest in conditions that no one has yet managed to match. Thus we will continue to make a difference
and maintain the original and real quality of the services provided, which are always invoiced.

Spa for Caniroa Guests, We like dogs who smell nice and clean We feed our guests and students the NutraGold Holistic Formula made in the USA. Although it is not cheap, it offers the security and food quality that our services need. We love to see the surprise on the faces of owners to see all dogs eating top-notch American food. Because, often the food in Caniroa surpasses what dogs usually eat, making the admiration of owners even greater. So, we like to do the best for dogs, even if it means spending more money, as you can imagine.

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2- Caniroa Dog Training
3- Caniroacruiser Dog Transport
4-Spa for Caniroa Guests
5- Caninus®Gear Performance Canine Performance Equipment
6-Caninusbiker Dog Training and Walking on a Bike
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Carry on what you’re doing. You’re on the right track. If you like dogs as much as we do, you’ll realize that it was worth seeing the difference and quality of  Caniroa Dog Centre Training and Boarding Kennels  Dogs love it and owners appreciate the
See you soon
João Névoa

Caniroa Dog Boarding Kennels Lisboa, Oeiras, Cartaxo, Santarém

Caniroa Dog Centre Training and Boarding Kennels

Caniroa Dog Boarding Kennels

Caniroa Dog Boarding Kennels Large areas for your dog to run and train in

Come and visit Caniroa Dog Boarding Kennels in Cartaxo, in the countryside, near the Tagus River, with forest areas in a calm and peaceful environment. See why dogs love to stay here and want to come back, greatly increasing their owners pleasure, confidence and peace of mind.

At Caniroa Dog Boarding Kennels, Quinta da Lagoa, Cartaxo, we welcome dogs in an original way. We can offer dogs fantastic conditions because we have large areas for dogs to run, play and train in. We also have individual kennels that are much larger than the owners expect. Therefore, we are able to offer safety and well-being during the stay. Caniroa Dog Boarding Kennels is for those who like their dogs to have fun. So do like many other dog ​​owners and book the best vacation for your dog without having to worry about him. In short, dogs love to stay and want to come back.

Here at Caniroa we want your dog to be the one to decide what to do. Our aim is to satisfy each dog without using absurd methods or treating all of them alike. Here, each dog is a different and each family too. For those who can’t come to Caniroa Dog Boarding Kennels we have special transport. The CaniroaCruiser Dog Transport free of charge on Mondays and Fridays

When a dog comes to Caniroa Dog Boarding Kennels  owners must bring its up-to-date vaccination book along too.

When owners come and pick up their “four-legged relatives”, they smile when they see their dogs. They are stronger and more muscular, not stressed but very excited and full of fun. Which is a result of the time and dedication we give them here at Caniroa Dog Centre Training and Boarding Kennels

We have the possibility of grooming your dog while it stays with us on ourDog Spa for Guests  

Friendship and respect. We do not use prong collars or electric shoques

Friendship and respect. We do not use prong collars or electric shoques

Caniroa Dog Training Centre

Come to the Caniroa Dog Training Centre have fun and learn the best dog training solutions. We provide quality services that allow dogs and owners to learn and enjoy themselves. Work, training and a lot of fun are the methods we use to teach both you and your dog.

 In over thirty five years of working with dogs and training them professionally, we have never used unnecessary barbaric methods.We are strongly against electric shocks or prong collars.  That type of equipment, instead of promoting training and sport, cause further discomfort, pain, and distrust in dogs.

Do you want to see your dog happier and more contented? Would you like to be able to go anywhere and be proud of him/her?

At the Caniroa Dog Training Centre we offer free of charge  stays during week days while your dog is in our training system. 

We offer CaniroaCruiser Dog Transport free of Charge on monday and friday while your dog is in o

Caniroa Dog Centre Training and Boarding Kennels

Caniroa Dog Centre Caniroacruiser Dog Transport

CaniroaDog Centre Caniroacruiser Dog Transport

CaniroaCruiser Dog Transport

During your dog’s stay at Caniroa Dog Centre we provide the CaniroaCruiser Dog Transport  service free of charge  on Mondays and Fridays 

Imagine your dog being driven in the CaniroaCruiser  Dog Transport  instead of in closed vans or trucks.  Unfortunately, you can find them everywhere with no windows! Has no one thought that you don’t carry live animals in commercial vans intended for goods and crates.

Imagine your dog being driven in the CaniroaCruiser  Dog Transport  instead of in closed vans or trucks. 

 At Caniroa Dog Centre we took care in offering our clients the CaniroaCruiser Dog Transport.  For Caniroa Dog Boarding Kennels or Caniroa Dog Training Centre, the best thing we did was to import a trailer, the first one in Portugal. A two-storey dog transporter, weighing 2 tons, safe, spacious and comfortable for your dog. People ask us if we have horses so you can imagine the space there is in the CaniroaCruiser Dog Transport for your dog.


Caninusgear Performance Canine Equipment

Caninusgear Performance Canine Equipment


Performance Canine Equipment Leads, Collars, Harness and Long Leads

The many years of vast experience gained at Caniroa allowed us to develop and produce our own equipmentCaninus®Gear. Leads, Collars, Long Leashes, Harnesses, durable, comfortable and resistant. Manufactured to help both dogs and owners and to show of their best skills.

Caniroa Dog Centre Training and Boarding Kennels 

Caniroa dog centre caninusbiker biking with dogs

Caniroa dog centre caninusbiker biking with dogs

   Caninus®Biker Training and Biking with Dogs we take into consideration during our adventures the individual physical capacities of the dog. We pay special attention to the bone structure in particular the joints system of each dog.

We recommend Hip displasia test made by the Veterinarian prior to the first Caninus®Biker  training session. . By tracing goals to achieve endurance, speed and agility, taking into account the locations and atmospheric conditions.

At the Caninus®Biker Training session, we want dogs and owners to feel satisfied with the time they spent together. We have been using Caninus®Biker  for a long time as a tool for Caniroa Dog Training Centre. Especially for riding long distances with dogs at a quick and stimulating pace, which considerably improves their physical capacity.

Caninus®Biker  Caniroa Training and Biking with Dogs


Spa for Guests Caniroa

Spa for Guests Caniroa

   Caniroa Dog Spa for Guests  available for our guests. Brushing, drying, removal of knots and old hair. Grooming according to breed standards.

Imagine your dog coming home after staying with us all clean and groomed.

Caniroa Dog Spa for Guests  we like dogs smelling nice and clean

There are times during the year that dogs shed their hair, normally in Spring and Autumn. We all know that that’s not the case. Dogs shed their hair in the environment in which they live and find it difficult to shed it naturally. Due to the artificial heating of houses in winter and air conditioning in summer. Dogs like this pampering a lot and don’t resist. However, because it’s not natural, it causes thermal disorientation and deregulation of their bodies. As a result, dogs start leaving a constant trail of hair all over the house.

Dog Owners should take special care with their food, preferably giving them a Holistic “no grain” variety.   They really do help to produce strong, good-looking hair. We use and recommend NutraGold Holistic Formula Made In USA.

  Caniroa Dog Spa for Guests It’s worthwhile being thanked by the dogs after 2 hours of work. They get to be happy, light, fresh and very fragrant . It’s worth working to help these fabulous animals!

We like the reaction of owners to the Caniroa Dog Spa for Guests , the hugs and kisses they give their dogs. The nice comments we hear ensure us that we are on the right path.

One of the funniest examples of dog owners’ appreciation of the Caniroa Dog Spa for Guests is “I think the hoover at home can finally rest now!”

Caniroa Dog Centre Training and Boarding Kennels

Caniroa Dog Boarding Kennels and Training Centre