Caninus, Boarding Kennel for Dogs

Caninus – Hotel & Instrução Canina, Lda.

Lisbon, Oeiras, Cartaxo, Santarém

Dogs and their owners usually choose Caninus, Hotel para Cães for three reasons.

  • When owners go on holidays
  • When owners go away on business trips
  • For owners’ personal or health reasons.

For all these reasons, Caninus, Hotel para Cães is always there to guarantee that dogs will receive the competent and quality treatment they deserve in a welcoming environment.

Caninus, Hotel para Cães is located in the countryside at Quinta da Lagoa, Cartaxo, in the Ribatejo region. Its pure air and green fields, the Tagus River, other dogs to run and play with and bark at, as dogs do without hearing “be quiet! You’re disturbing the neighbours!” are some of the centre’s main attractions. Away from the day-to-day stress of the city.

Here at Caninus Hotel para Cães, we want your dog to be the one to decide what to do. Our aim is to satisfy each dog without using absurd methods or treating all of them alike. Here, each dog is a different and each family too.

For those who can’t come to Caninus Hotel para Cães, we have special transport, the Caninuscruiser, free of charge on Mondays and Fridays for Lisbon, Oeiras, Cartaxo and Santarém areas. In Lisbon, the meeting place is Expo (Parque das Nações.

At 9 p.m., after most people have left work, to avoid the heat and endless queues of traffic during the day.

At night, because during the day, we’re working with the dogs and need time to look after them properly.

When a dog comes to Caninus Hotel para Cães, owners must bring its up-to-date vaccination book along too.

We have a veterinary service at hand with the best vets specialising in different areas.

Our vet here in Cartaxo is the Hospital Veterinário do Ribatejo, open 24 hours a day.

When owners come and pick up their “four-legged relatives”, they smile when they see their dogs stronger and more muscular, not stressed but very excited and full of fun, which is a result of the time and dedication we give them here at Caninus Hotel para cães.

You can actually see that, on the first day the owners come through the gate at Caninus Hotel para cães to leave their “youngest child”, they are already missing them and sometimes have tears in their eyes because they are unsure of the type of service offered or whether they are doing the right thing, leaving them here instead of with the family or friends…uncertainty!

Then the talk to more experience clients and see their dogs content, happy, powerful and full of fun, jumping and playing with João Névoa and their uncertainty vanishes immediately.

When they come and pick their dogs up, they think “Will he/she be depressed?” Missing us? Sick? Angry with us?

No! They are happy, strong and sometimes athletic, quick and muscular. We don’t say sorry for doing a lot more than we are obliged to. Don’t forget that Caninus’ client is the dog, so we do everything possible to make him feel at home and, in the end, the owner is grateful and happy.

If a really fit Dobermann runs 10 km, that doesn’t mean that a “fat” Labrador will run the same distance. Here at Quinta da Lagoa, the centre for Caninus Hotel para cães, we’re going to exercise so that, at the end of “fatty’s” stay, he will be able to keep up with the Super Dobermann.

Results speak for us, that’s why people are surprised and grateful and come back year after year to Caninus Hotel para Cães.

We take pride in our profession and are pleased to have the same dogs and respective families who believe in our work returning every year.

If you want your dog to be happy and contented, running, playing, exercising and eating top quality dog food, NutraGold Holistic Formula, and not to worry about him/her during your absence, contact us and book your dog’s stay.

It’s easy to make a booking – email us at

Mobile: 966513223

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Daily price, €12. Nutragold Holistic formula dog food, including VAT.

The price is the same all year round and we don’t charge extra during holiday periods.

Schedule the day and time before coming. We like to take our time to welcome people and their dogs.

We specialise in medium-sized to large dogs.

We don’t usually work with very small dogs like Yorkshire Terriers and Pinschers because our facilities are very spacious and could cause problems.

Book your holidays and your dogs’ early. Don’t leave everything until the last minute. It’s always a worry every year to find a quality place for dogs, especially in Summer.

Here at Caninus Hotel para Cães, we offer a top quality service at a competitive price so “rooms” are booked very quickly.