Photos of Bali-Brindle Boxer. 12 Months
Owners: Ana Medeiros and Daniel Viseu
Caninus Original Obedience Course.
January 2015
Photos by Catarina Barr Névoa
Translation by Fiona Barr Névoa
Bali and his owners participated in the Caninus Original Obedience Course for 2 months, with classes for Bali during the week and for his owners on Saturdays.
From Monday to Saturday, this young Boxer stayed at Caninus, Hotel e Instrução Canina, free of charge during training for the physical and technical training programme offered by Caninus Original Obedience Course for Boxers.
On Saturdays, Bali’s owners came to train with him and then take him home for the weekend, happy and contented.
On Mondays, CaninusCruiser Transport service would go and pick him up at 9 p.m. at Expo, Lisbon, free of charge, when owners could chat about how Bali had behaved with them over the weekend.
When we arrived at the meeting place in Lisbon, we were always greeted by the endless leaps and bounds, hugs and licks Boxers give people they like, showing that he was eager to spend the week at Caninus, Quinta da Lagoa, Cartaxo.
Training Boxers at Caninus, Hotel e Instrução Canina always entails paying attention to some of the breed’s particular aspects such as traditional impetuosity, determination and strength, excess playfulness and traditional stubbornness in fulfilling objectives, which are not often recommendable, like chasing the neighbour’s cat, dragging their owners along the street, etc.
By taking into account this breed’s excellent physical potential, we try and develop its physical capacity and turn a puppy or young dog into an athlete in just two months.
This is done through an intensive daily training programme without the use of any type of drug or trick, just top quality food given according to a Boxer’s working needs.
We don’t like or let Boxers get fat or chubby because it makes them slow, unwilling to train and very limited in their movements, becoming too tired very quickly.
For training sessions of over 1 hour at Caninus, Hotel e Instrução Canina, we need both Boxers and owners in good physical condition and it is only natural that they feel fitter after than before they arrived.
Being able to see Boxers working well with the power and natural determination of the breed along with the quality training performed without violence or absurd tricks, seeing their dedication, happiness and friendliness, their willingness to learn and adapt the training to their new way of life, is an art that impresses everyone, encouraging owners and dogs to perform each exercise as best they can every day.
For Bali, we worked towards achieving his best performance ever in any situation, without taking away his power, happy and playful nature, through kilometres of running, walking and training to make a young, stubborn and impetuous Boxer educated and participative.
I’m sure that, with everything Bali and his owners learnt, he will have a promising and enjoyable future with owners who did everything they were asked during training sessions in the rain, wind and sun, the excitement of our long walks and on the large greens, at any time and in any place, even in the traffic and 10 km walks at Expo, without complaining or inventing excuses.
I’m sure they will make a good team and Bali was very lucky with the family who gave him a new home.
We would like to thank Bali, Ana Medeiros and Daniel Viseu and offer our continuous support at Caninus, Hotel e Instrução Canina