About us Caniroa Dog Training Centre and Boarding Kennels

Hello, welcome, find out about us at Caniroa Hotel and Instrução Canina.

We know that there are many dog ​​owners seeking information on the best services for their dog.

After a lot of listening and searching, they choose the Caniroa dog hotel and the Caniroa dog training centre.

Caniroa Hotel e Instrução Canina, Lda is a company founded by João and Fiona Barr Névoa over 30 years ago when we started to work passionately and caringly with dogs. We also decided to work differently in terms of how to treat dogs in a more responsible, more human and more fun way.

As soon as we started working together in September 1985, we already had a lot of experience in the treatment, breeding and training of dogs. For example, from a young age, João Névoa walked around with his Dobermann, Great Dane, German Shepherd and other friends.

In the meantime, he started to introduce British methods into the training of dogs that promoted and enhanced all his desires and knowledge. It therefore allowed him to supply a lot of excellent technical knowledge, which has always characterised the way of treating animals and, in particular, dogs.

So, we were quick to see in our company that this was the right way. Then we started working in the British way in Portugal. which we knew many people wanted and where we found our natural space.

As soon as we opened the doors, success was immediate. We started by establishing the Hotel for Dogs and the Dog Training Centre in Carcavelos. Then we moved to Oeiras and later Cascais, at Quinta da Marinha, with Guincho beach and the Sintra mountains. Where only the best could succeed at that time. Once again we led the way, where others have tried to assert themselves, but without the necessary professionalism and determination.

Over the years Caniroa Hotel e Instrução Canina has been able to maintain and develop its identity. And we have been able to maintain our determination, organisation and a very unique desire not to be complacent. We have also been able to maintain our tradition and continue to show a strong capacity for innovation. Thirty-five years later, which both dogs and their owners like.

So we felt the need to embrace new challenges and moved to Cartaxo. As soon as we bought Quinta da Lagoa, everyone said we were crazy. For example, they said “leaving Cascais to go to the “country ” will fail! ”However, we didn’t fail but made a lot of sacrifices, experienced bad
luck and storms, but more than 20 years later we are still in Cartaxo. Here, we were able to renew and reinforce our will and technical capacity. Due to the good natural conditions and large facilities at Quinta da Lagoa. Everyone asks “All this just for dogs, are you crazy?”