Video of a Young Dobermann on holiday at Caniroa Hotel e Instrução Canina, Lda / Caninus Dog Boarding Kennels and Training Center.
We like to offer dogs staying at CANINUS Dog Boarding Kennels and Training Center the possibility to train, learn and have fun during their holidays for them to have a different experience that makes them happy.

We offer trips to the River Tagus for dogs that like and know how to swim, helping those that are not so confident in the water.

We use CaninusBiker for bike rides to see and encourage the resistance and speed of our athletic guests at Quinta da Lagoa and in the fields and river banks of the Ribatejo region. Both dogs and owners adore this experience and it’s difficult to see which of them likes it best.
This video shows a Young Dobermann that is foreign-owned and bred, with its ears and tail cropped. This is against the law but it can still be seen in many parts of Portugal and abroad, which is something we can’t make out but cannot assume any responsibility for.
We believe and defend equal treatment for all dogs individually, whether they are pure breeds or not. This is a topic that is widely debated by fans of this breed and sometimes ends up in discussion, so we have always remained neutral, recognising the law and its intention to prevent dogs from suffering and defend their rights.

When we are looking after our guests, we like to film them (when we can) and share their holday activities with their owners, showing considerable work, exercise and fun to promote the potential of Caninus Dog Boarding Kennels and Training Center and the huge expanse of land our facilities have to offer at Quinta da Lagoa, which is something owners very much appreciate and are grateful for.

As we can see, the Young Dobermann is happy and in good shape and, although his body hasn’t yet developed to the full due to his tender age and lack of quality exercise at home, he has obvious potential and we are sure that, with willingness and determination, it may be very interesting and fun to work with this young dog.​

Caninus Dog Boarding Kennels and Training Center
João Névoa


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