Caninus®Gear Canine Equipment

Caninus®Gear Canine Equipment 

We manufacture and own the brand Caninus®Gear  Canine Equipment .

Our vast experience enables us to choose the best equipment and obtain the best results for dogs and owners. 

Our leashes, collars, harnesses and long lines are recognised by everyone using it as being efficient and robust.

They are able to resist the though exercises of our Caniroa Guard dog Training.

Over time a lot of satisfied clients purchase our Caninus Gear Canine equipment. Among others, we describe a few breeds that tried their best to challenge it.

For example here same of the powerful dogs we worked with.  The Great Dane, Argentine Dogo, Rottweiler, Spanish Mastiff, Neapolitan Mastiff, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, German Shepherd, Dobermann.
And not forgetting some of the Portuguese stubbornest breeds that are really strong and perfect adapted to our weather. The Rafeiro do Alentejo, Castro Laboreiro, Serra da Estrela, Although they are heavy, they are as fast as a Dobermann

During the time we worked with these and other dogs we understand the owners needs. Therefore we were determined to manufacture collars, leads, harnesses, and long lines for dogs with responsibility and comfort in mind.

Our products are produce to avoid hurting dogs either physically or psychologically. We also take special care in the safety and comfort of owners while using our canine equipment with their dogs.

Over the decades of Caninusgear we have accumulated experience to produce safe and comfortable dog equipment. We recomend the caninusgear dog equipment to our clients at the Caniroa dog Training Centre .

We have always been against prong collars and electric shocks. Which we have never used and never allowed dog owners to use during our training.
However, we knew that we had to provide credible solutions and quality materials for Caniroa dog training. This was where the idea of producing our brand Caninus®Gear canine equipment by Caniroa, Lda originated.
Our brand, Caninus®Gear canine equipment is primarily intended for those who participate or have already participated in Caniroa dog training. And is not for sale in stores.
We want it to be, as it always has been, a pleasant experience for dogs and owners . It is a real difference walking or working with dogs with our special canine equipment. Dog owners can choose the different colours they prefer and receive their personalized gear. With their dog’s name and a few more surprises, unique in our Caninus®Gear branded equipment. It is very nice to see the satisfaction of the owners when they receive the Caninus®Gear equipment .

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