Caniroa Dog Training Centre

Caniroa dog training Centre. Work, exercise and lots of fun

In Caniroa dog training we can show you the work we do with dogs and how you can help your
dog and yourself at the same time, without being foolish or cruel.

At Caniroa Dog Training Centre, we believe that dogs have possibilities as well as the potential to develop that owners are unaware of. So we know that it is sometimes difficult for owners to train their dogs without professional help.

Come and see how we work and interact with owners and dogs in Why we can teach the necessary techniques to help you have a good time with your dog. That way you will always feel pleasure and pride wherever you go! But don’t let your four-legged friend miss out on the opportunity to meet us.

Cão Montanha de Berna no Treino de cães Caniroa

At Caniroa Dog Training Centre and Boarding Kennels, we provide work, training, organisation and lots of fun for your dog to learn better and not forget.

Above all, we are able to work with dogs and owners in a professional manner and do not resort to strange and unclear training procedures.

We therefore like to start and end on the dates agreed with the owners. However, we must emphasize that the training has a lot of technique, so we advise dog owners to follow their dog’s progress closely. We do understand that it is natural for the dog to learn faster without committing errors compared to its owners but a little determination is enough for you to see that the Caniroa dog Training Program, will be a huge success for both.

Braco Alemão felicidade e tranquilidade no exercício deitar à distância

We never use violent methods like sprung collars or electric shocks because, from the beginning, we defend their total prohibition, although some people do use and recommend them.

We, on the other hand, do not understand the easy access to the sale of this type of collars and their misuse. Unfortunately for some, this type of device is the only way to treat and train a dog. Clearly, and as everyone knows, they are wrong and should not be dealing with animals.

To conclude, we respect and recommend the humane treatment of all animals, in particular dogs.
At Caniroa Dog Training Center , we offer you the possibility of your dog staying during the week at the
Caniroa Dog Hotel. So we save time and we can work more often with your dog and get better results without charging for board. We can therefore offer more work, more training and more fun, and of course a lot more exercise, without causing owners any extra expenses or hassle.

During the Caniroa dog training stage, owners are very happy and thankful for knowing that their dog is in good hands.

However, what impresses them most is to know that they do not have to waste a lot of time travelling to train their dog.
As we know, conventional training in schools and clubs causes people to waste a lot of their time, especially in traffic! Over time our work system has proven to be right and has increased in popularity because today there are few people who can spend several hours in traffic with their dogs.

Naturally, we were very pleased that owners were happy with the technical improvement of their dogs. Finally, we have been using this system for over thirty years and we never saw the need to change it, just to invest and innovate.
Some owners say that they live far away and that it’s a shame they can’t go and train a tour centre, asking how they can do it? We say “why not use our Caniroa Dog Boarding Kennels?”
We have already had dogs from Braga, Trancoso, Covilhã, Faro, Funchal, Ponta delgada, not to mention the United States, Spain, Switzerland and many more countries.

During training, dogs stayed here, saving on travel. In this way we can train dogs for the whole country and abroad.

At first the owners thought that the training plus the cost of the hotel would cost the earth and were sad that they couldn’t afford it!! But at Caniroa we don’t believe in leaving owners’ pockets empty and in these cases we only charge for training. So we offer boarding during the two months of training!! At this time, People who don’t believe us are thinking “Rubbish!!”,
But it’s not and it has been like this for over 35 years!!

So, what will it be like for those who live near Caniroa? Simple. The policy is the same, but the organisation is even better, and we avoid making dog owners come to Cartaxo every week.

Because of our love of dogs, we believe that there are more people who also love them as well. So, by defending a policy of controlled prices we give chances to more people to be able to work their dogs properly.
As a result, we created the CaniroaCruiser dog Transport for Lisboa, Oeiras, Cartaxo, Santarém
free of charge on Monday and Friday.

we use and recommend NutraGold Holistic Formula dog food Made in USA.

Yes, because we believe in giving the best possible food to achieve the best results. Therefore, we can test our guests and students, to the point of seeing the differences and rapid improvements. After seeing the difference, many owners choose to change their diet.
The explanation is simple. There are dog foods that are considered to be leaders made of corn, wheat, soy and other such ingredientes that end up by not helping at all with the dog’s training capacity. When we compare physical capabilities in the field, their inefficiency is obvious andclearly proves that these are not the best ingredients to be given to dogs, or rather, they should not be sold and are very expensive.

The Caniroa Defence, Guard and Protection dog training lasts for three months after the
Obedience Training is completed.

Treino de cães Caniroa Defesa, Guarda e Protecção, Agitação Inicial

We carry out Caniroa Defence, Guard and Protection dog training without changing the dog’s temperament or behaviour. We teach the dog to be more efficient, calm and powerful and never too aggressive or nervous. The owner learns to command his dog during the training.
We accept dogs that demonstrate high levels of training quality from outside the Caniroa Dog Boarding Kennels And Training Center

Caniroa Obedience dog training

We have never used sprung collars or electric shocks in the Caniroa Obedience Dog Training Program, because they cause pain and distrust in dogs. On the contrary, we prefer to exercise and encourage the dog with respect and

Golden Retriever condução correcta com Motivador

We do not accept excuses or tantrums from the dog and we always want to go further.
Therefore, we teach the owner and the dog that work can and should be constructive, fun and productive. So that the dog does not feel bored the whole time, we make him like the training and feel like repeating it the next day.

We are happy to see the willingness, loyalty and happiness of the dogs we train day after day.
Sometimes the owners are surprised with such happiness and exuberance, when we are greeted by some of our students.

Owners tell us that before arriving at Quinta da Lagoa, Cartaxo, their dogs are already showing signs of knowing where they are, wagging their tails and expressing their desire to get there because they already know where they are going and are really happy.
We were pleased with the dog’s confirmation and contentment, which is clearly our best calling card and the best proof that both our client and his dog are happy with our work.

Cão Jack Russel concentração no exercício

We base Caniroa dog training on work, exercise and patience, leading the dog to understand what is asked for. Then we confirm the dog’s response with physical reward, petting and encouragement, using motivators such as balls and agitators.

Caniroa Aquatraining dog training

Caniroa Aquatraining dog training is an interesting and fun demonstration of energy, concentration and will in the water.

Pastor Alemão no treino de cães Caniroa Aquatraining

We teach dogs to swim firmly, strongly and smoothly without hurting people. Dogs learn to
fetch people and objects from the water. We developed the basis for them to learn how to search and rescue in water.
During the Caniroa Aquatraining dog training, you can prove your willingness and spirit to help, and it is usually an innovative experience for dogs and owners.

Caniroa Tracking, Search and Rescue dog training

In the Tracking, Search and Rescue work, we teach the dog to find people and objects through smell.

Caniroa Pistagem, Busca e Salvamento (1)

Initially, we mark shorter or longer tracks in different locations and types of soil. Then, we teach the dog to detect different types of odours and to show the best way to the final goal.
We also teach the owner to lead his dog calmly and productively in order to eliminate the normal initial driving errors, and to create and increase the interconnection of productive work between dog and owner. Owners and dogs really love this type of training.

Caniroa dog training with Caninusbiker bicycle

Training and walking dogs with Caninus®Biker are a fun, safe and comfortable exercise for dogs and owners.

Caninusbiker Treino e passeio de cães com bicicleta

Caniroa Hotel for dogs and Dog training Testimonials

So to confirm our way of working we advise you to see the testimonials Caniroa Hotel for Dogs and Dog Training that some of our customers have written.

Caniroa Hotel for dogs and Dog Training Contacts

After seeing so many Caniroa dog training activities, we know you are eager to learn more and want to make an appointment to see how we can work with you and your dog. It’s easy, just go to our contact page.

Caniroa Hotel for Dogs and Dog Training Prices

So many activities, knowledge and solutions, over 35 years working professionally with dogs
…… I can imagine the price!!
Many people are surprised at the correct price and the overwhelming majority of customers think that our prices are too low.

We know this and keep our prices as low as possible.
We could and should increase them, but we don’t, but not for being afraid of the market or the innocent who continue to be deceived when paying dearly for not obtaining results, Our policy has always been to help dogs and it is a known fact that there are dog owners that are well off but there are also those who make great sacrifices to train their dogs. At Caniroa Hotel e Instrução Canina we have the tradition, the respect and the education to be able to work with everyone.

You can see Caniroa Hotel and Training prices on our Prices page
I hope you like dogs as well trained and respected as we do.
See you later
João Névoa

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