Caninus®Biker Training and Biking with Dogs

Caninus®Biker Training and Biking with Dogs  we take into consideration during our outings and adventures the individual  physical capacities of the dog. We pay special attention to the bone structure in particular the joints system of each dog.   we recommend Hip displasia test made by the Veterinarian prior to the first Caninus®Biker Training and Biking with Dogs  training session. we can develop programmes based on the natural performance of each breed. By tracing goals to achieve endurance, speed and agility, taking into account the locations and atmospheric conditions at the Caniroa Dog Boarding Kennels and Training Centre, we want dogs and owners to be in a better condition and feel satisfied with the time they spent together at the end of the Caninus®Biker Training session.We have been using Caninus®Biker Training and Biking with Dogs for a long time at Caniroa Dog Boarding Kennels and Training Centre as a tool for training and riding long distances with dogs at a quick and stimulating pace, which considerably improves their physical capacity