Caniroa Dog Training Obedience

Caniroa Dog Training Obedience

Do you want to see your dog happier and more contented? Would you like to be able to go anywhere and be proud of him/her?

The family is invited to take an active part in The Caniroa Dog Training Obedience, handling their dogs. Our working method involves benefiting from the natural qualities of each dog and the needs of each family. In order to improve their quality of life and family environment. without using violent or unnecessary methods like electric shocks and prong collars sticking into dogs’ throats. Unfortunately, this is used by many so-called quality training centres that have actually no quality at all. while competent authorities look the other way, even in training courses officially given by national and international trainers.

Throughout more than  thirty years of Caniroa Dog Training Obedience we have never used these unnecessary, really barbarous methods. 

Throughout more than  thirty years of Caniroa Dog Training Obedience we have never used these unnecessary, really barbarous methods. 

We have actually been criticised for not hitting dogs, which is something we have always been proud of. It has always been our hallmark and has been recognised through the performance of dogs trained by us. As well as the vote of thanks and acknowledgement of their owners.

For some years now, we have also had the honour of training second generations of owners. There for proving the confidence their parents had in our training capacities. Witch are traditionally based on a lot of work, exercise and fun for dogs, owners and trainers.

 The Caniroa Dog Training  Obedience lasts 2 months and takes place from Monday to Saturday . Between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. in classes for each dog and owner.

During the Caniroa Obedience Training course, different exercises are taught on and off the lead. And it also involves a lot of physical exercise, fun and games for dogs and owners. In particularly the use of our Caninusbiker. That makes biking and training dogs with a bicycle possible, safe and a lot of fun!!

We work daily classes during the week with or without owners. We encourage owners to come to classes as much as possible.We have classes on Saturdays to make it easier for owners to attend.

Normally two different groups of dog owners appear at the Caniroa Dog Training  Obedience  sessions

The first group of people are the ones who have already had a bad experience with their dog. And so they, decide to turn to expert help to solve their problems.

Another group of people who have an adult or young dog. And who want to learn for themselves and their four-legged friend before something problematic happens.

During our programme we explain to the owners that the correct use of the lead enables them to teach their dog to be obedient. And we also demonstrate that the improper use of the collar and lead make it difficult to follow our training programme correctly.

To promote and facilitate comfort and safety to both dog and owner we use our Caninusgear canine equipment

Caniroa Hotel e Instrução Canina, Lda Technical Guarantee

Any dog that finishes the Caniroa Dog Training Obedience and is not at the technical level that differentiates us from other centres. will be given a sufficient number of extra classes free of charge until it reaches our standards.

We use and Recommend Nutragold Holistic Formulas made in USA dog Food.

We believe and always defend professional honesty and honour. That is why we elaborated courses and objectives with a schedule from start to finish and don’t enter the “system of classes and more classes”. without any guarantee where sometimes dogs and owners are strongly prejudiced.