welcome to Caniroa Dog Training Centre, have fun and learn the best dog training solutions. We provide quality services that allow dogs and owners to learn and enjoy themselves. Work, training and a lot of fun are the methods we use to teach your dog better and not to forget.

In over thirty five years working with dogs, we have never used unnecessary barbaric methods. We are strongly against electric shocks or prong collars. That,  instead of promoting training and sport, cause further discomfort, pain, and distrust in dogs.

 Do you want to see your dog happier and more contented? Would you like to be able to go anywhere and be proud of him/her?

Our work, useful for you and your dog, is recognised for not hitting dogs. This is something that has always filled us with pride and honour. We focus on the performance of the dogs we train and the happiness and pleasure of their owners.

 Caniroa Dog Training Centre

Come and see how we  can help you and your dog to spend some quality time together wherever you go!
Don’t let your four-legged friend miss out on the opportunity of receiving our love and care and meeting new friends here at Caniroa Dog Training Centre .

We use and recommend Nutragold Holistic Dog dry food  at Caniroa Dog Boarding Kennels And Training Center

Dogs love It and owners appreciate the help

At the end of the Caniroa Dog Training we offer owners and their dogs extra classes free of charge at our facilities to keep up their good work.

Our training program starts when it suits you best, is given at our facilities. From Monday to Friday, with classes for owners on Saturdays. From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Caniroa Hotel e Instrução Canina, Lda Technical Guarantee

Any dog that finishes our training and is not, through a fault of ours, at the technical level that differentiates us from other centres in terms of the degree of excellence we have always demanded from our students will be given a sufficient number of extra classes free of charge until it reaches our standards.

We believe and always defend professional honesty and honour, elaborating courses and objectives with a schedule from start to finish. We don’t enter the “system of classes and more classes” without any guarantee where sometimes dogs and owners are strongly prejudiced.