Caninus Original Obedience Course

Original Obedience Course idealised by Caninus Dog Boarding Kennels and Training Center, tested through thirty years of breeding and working with dogs

The Caninus Original Obedience Course lasts two months and takes place from Monday to Saturday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. in private classes for each dog and respective family.

During the Caninus Original Obedience Course, different exercises are taught on and off the leash, without any type of unnecessary violence, use of prong collars or electric shocks.

The Caninus Original Obedience Course involves a lot of physical exercise and playtime for dogs and owners with walks and other activities combined with more formal and academic learning.

The Caninus Original Obedience Course has one-hour classes (they can sometimes last a bit longer) every day during the week at our farm in Cartaxo, as well as at owners’ homes, and is open to all people and dogs in any part of the country.

We have private transport, Caninus Cruiser, for Lisbon, Oeiras, Cartaxo and Santarém.

There are normally two different groups of owners and dogs interested in our services:

  1. The group of people that have experienced some sort of unpleasant incident or accident with their dogs and think that it’s time to seek out specialised help to solve their problems.
  2. The group of people that have a puppy or young dog who want to acquire some knowledge for both themselves and their four-legged friends before any problems arise.

Caninus Original Obedience Course

The correct use of the leash is crucial to gain obedience skills just as misuse of the leash and collar lead to and often prevent the correct development of the Caninus Original Obedience Course.

Correct behaviour on the leash:

This exercise is divided into speed and route:

  • Let’s go – Beside the owner’s left knee showing pleasure and team spirit.
  • Very Slow – Very calmly, good for accompanying ladies when window shopping.
  • Slow – At the speed required for accompanying owners on a peaceful walk at the end of the day.
  • Trot – At the speed required for accompanying athletic owners on their morning jogs.
  • Run – Required for accompanying “champion” owners.
  • Left – Change of direction to the left at any of the speed indicated above.
  • Right – Change of direction to the right at any of the speed indicated above.

Immobilisation exercises, with and without distractions by people, dogs, noises or different movements.

  • Sit – During the different movements, with and without several distractions.
  • Down – During the different movements, with and without several distractions.
  • Normal – stay immobilisation
  • Call – whenever necessary in any situation with and without distractions at short or long distances.

Behaviour off the leash

  • Let’s go – Moving in the same direction as other dogs
  • Very slow – Moving in the opposite direction to other dogs
  • Slow – Behaviour in places unknown to the dog
  • Trot – Behaviour in places where the dog shows uneasiness
  • Run (gallop) – Behaviour in public parks, gardens or the beach
  • Left – Behaviour in places with a lot of traffic or people
  • Right – Behaviour in places near home
  • Behaviour with owners’ relatives and friends

Immobilisation exercises at different distances with and without distractions

  • Stay
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Come
  • Fetching an object
  • Bringing an object
  • Giving an object
  • Jumping simple obstacles

All exercises are tested and developed in a Caninus three-phase action

  • At Caninus Hotel e Instrução Canina, Lda.
  • With the Family, at their owners’ homes and near them
  • In normal Traffic

In normal traffic – We always test our students, dogs and family in normal traffic conditions in district capitals where there are more people than traffic at the most difficult peak hours, proving the utmost safety and capacity of our courses.

We never tested our students in places without much traffic or many people as we don’t believe this will be useful or excellent training for our four-legged friends. (cul-de-sacs, country roads with no traffic, etc.)

Original Obedience Course

Caninus Technical Guarantee

At the end of the Obedience Course, all dogs that are not at the technical level that distinguishes us from other training centres, through our fault or a fault of the dog’s, due to the level of excellence we always encourage in our students, will have sufficient extra classes to achieve this level, at no additional charge for owners.

We believe in and always defend honesty and professional honour, preparing courses with scheduled starting and finishing dates and we don’t agree with the “endless class system” without any guarantees, where dogs and owners are often strongly prejudiced.

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